Automate Drop Shipping

Business startups are tough to manage. In fact, sometimes people desire to run the business manually as it is cheaper and they can afford it. However, drop shipping is one of the most difficult online business to run manually without a proper automation service. This is mainly because you are required to make orders to a larger company or supplier and calling is hampered, mails take long to read, which leads to delayed shipments and customer dissatisfaction with the service offered. Automating the drop shipping service becomes your only option out of this dilemma.

Know your drop shipping process

You have to know how your process is going to be, starting from vendor information, customer information, products to sell on your online store, orders made, the process to be used to send the right order to the right vendor or supplier to the updates of out of stock products from the suppliers. This is essential information that you should have in hand each day making your business to operate smoothly and efficiently, minimize chances of failing to deliver and finally, improve your workflow and responsibilities.

Use store builders

Store builders such as Magento, Wix and WordPress offer some of the best services when it comes to automating your drop shipping services. They assist in setting up the store, provide direct automatic routes for each of the products you sell online and connect it with the drop shipping supplier. In addition, they split the orders received for different products and distribute the orders to the responsible third parties.

Create Portals

Constant communications through calls are quite expensive. You have to cut down on them and embrace an automated communication system by activating a portal i.e. a supplier portal. The portal is meant for suppliers to check the orders for the day, ensure they are delivered without having to make a call to confirm the orders. Furthermore, the portal connects your store to their systems such that once the delivery is made, you are notified making it easy to account for each item and revenue made.

Streamline the process

Using the online store builders, their automation processes, their maintenance and technical expertise, you can streamline your business dealings allowing flow of communication and services offered without any form of contact. Customers can automatically make their orders on your online store managed by Magento, WordPress or Wix. The orders are automatically fulfilled using the systems developed in the automation process with minimal input from you.


To automate drop shipping means having little or no contact with the processes that your store uses to complete and fulfil orders made by the customers. The only contact that is essential is that where you check your monthly revenue, update the automated system and deal with customer relations. This is an efficient way of running the online store and selling online. Can Magento Run on Shared Hosting


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