Can Magento Handle Subscriptions?

It is important for online merchants to provide customers with subscription options especially for items that are often available in new editions such as collectibles, subscription boxes and magazines or items that run out constantly including toiletries, water, and pet food. This ensures that the customer is not inconvenienced. Additionally, the customers are able to save time that would have been used going through what to buy. It also helps saves customers from switching to another store during purchases.

Recurring payments and subscriptions

With Magento subscription extension, your sell online experience becomes much better. This is because the extension allows for excellent functionality for recurring payments management and subscriptions. You are in a position to sell your products on a yearly, monthly, weekly or daily subscription basis and for certain duration. The extension for Magento recurring payments ensures that you continue selling products to customers as one-off sales. Similarly, you can let your customers purchase subscriptions.

Magento module for recurring payments and subscriptions allows you to allocate prices for individual subscription interval. Additionally, it allows for moving customers to particular groups once they have subscribed.

Immediately, a customer has subscribed to a certain item; they only need to pay once for the given subscription item. The future payments are automatically created in relation to the recurring profile settings. The admin panel allows for scheduling the day to start payments. The best thing is that this module is able to support eWay, Authorize.Net and PayPal with initial fees and trial periods. This allows for advance scheduling of orders.


Magento’s subscriptions feature makes it stand out from other e-commerce platforms including Wix and WordPress. The service or product can be programmed to be delivered to the customer for certain duration. Additionally, you can set to deliver products to certain customers indefinitely until they opt to cancel the subscription themselves.

Starting date

Magento contains a flexible starting day that makes it easy to begin the recurring payments. It can be a certain day of the month and the date provided by the customer. You also need to specify the cost as well as the duration of the trial period. Consider luring your customers using discounted prices. You might also set a starting fee, where your customers are required to make one-time payments to represent sign up costs for the services.

Other features

  • Iteration fee
  • Block appearance
  • Payment processing
  • Block appearance
  • Subscription editing and tracking
  • Email notifications
  • Subscription product type
  • Customer segmentation


The Magento subscriptions allow for customization according to types or periods. It also provides a flexible interface for subscriptions creation. You are also in a position to change the group of a customer according to their subscription.  

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